Angela Lee.

LIFE Coach.

Metamorphosis Life Coach

Celebrity Blogger

Angela Lee is a Life & Business Coach, Lifestyle Blogger & Speaker hailing from South Carolina. She has a passion for changing lives for the better and working with others to help them reach their maximum potential. After working with Angela, you will be able to confidently shift your mindset to create a mental environment to attract your ideal mate, dream job, house, car & business.

Overcoming several traumatizing events in her past, including teenage molestation, domestic abuse, identity crisis and making poor decisions related to overall loneliness. Angela is on the other side of the coin now; confident, happily married, successful and celebrating that by empowering other women to overcome the same challenges she faced in the past through intensive life-coaching.

Angela is the definition of an overachiever, success driven & survivor of various adversities. Through her coaching she’s developed a proven system to help her clients navigate through trials and tribulations; through “stuck” to “prospering”. Her goal is to take ideal clients (35-45-year-old women who are single, divorced or going through a trying time in their personal life) and bring them into a life of happiness and abundance, just like she did with her own.

She has her Associates Degree in Nursing from Piedmont Technical College in Greenwood, SC.

As a traveling nurse, she noticed that race didn’t matter because people experience similar pain in their everyday lives. No matter where she went, or who she spoke to, there were always people hurting & required a solution to start their healing process.  As a nurse, many of her patients that she encountered in the emergency room, didn’t require medication but some to listen, care & give resources. She began interviewing several high-profile women in business for her lifestyle blog and through that, found commonalities that grew a deeper desire for her to help others.

She’s been doing that now for seven years!

Oprah Winfrey is Angela’s biggest influence & Sarah Jakes along with her father Bishop T. D. Jakes as her spiritual motivation. Angela states her faith is the foundation for her growth & determination to help others. She made some extreme strides in her own life and is excited to help others leave her coaching sessions with the same feeling. Angela was the first in her family to graduate. She started a community-based non-profit, “Loving the Skin I’m in Regardless” that boosts self-esteem in a poverty-stricken environment. She’s the receiver of a 40 under 40 business award, has won an award from Operation Impact for people who are making a difference and a Dream Chasers award for continued growth in her coaching.

Angela is always smiling and prides herself on the fact that no one can steal her job. She’s a team player and exudes compassion (while still being silly in her own right). She loves grilled shrimp cooked in white wine & garlic and the colors turquoise and black. She spends her free time reading self-help & self-development books. The first book she read that impacted her life was, “A Year of Saying Yes” by Shonda Rhimes. Her friends would describe her as fun, energetic, honest, caring, God fearing, risk-taker & family oriented. She wants to help others see the best characteristics about themselves and believe their friends and family when they’re told them.